Urban Craft Uprising – the Journey


I’m so so so excited to be a part of this year’s Urban Craft Uprising Summer Show! Please mark your calendars for June 30 & July 1. And if you happen to be a boutique or store, please come July 2 for the wholesale only event. As usual, it will be held at the Seattle Center Exhibition Hall – perfect for rain or shine. Read on if you want to know the depths of how much I want to be exhibiting this year!

To be honest, I had no idea that I would be a vendor with UCU this year. It’s not for lack of trying though! This is my third year in a row applying for this exclusive show. There are just so many incredibly talented makers out there.

So what happened? Well, I thought I would share a little bit of my journey with you.

First of all, I tried! This particular show is juried. There is an application process that includes not only photos, but writing a few paragraphs about your business. In that sense, it’s kind of personal because it’s more than just filling out your name & address. There’s a fee, and then you wait.

To be honest, even the first year I applied in 2016, I thought I’d get in. My product was good & aesthetic was nice. So I was pretty shocked when I received my general rejection letter.

Difficult life experiences have taught me to grieve these disappointments. First…. I let myself feel allllll the feelings. It’s not easy because we are wired to handle things usually via flight, fight or freeze. But I do let myself wallow for a bit. Then after being totally in it, I completely step out of it. I take a look from the outside and try to see what can be improved. What can be better?

I ended up evolving my product quite a bit naturally over the next year, introducing my 100% essential oil line. I applied again in 2017. Quite confident that my candles were even more proprietary as I’d begun formulating my own essential oil recipes, I was sure I’d be in there like swimwear. Nope.

I don’t even know what possessed me to apply again this year. It takes time & money to do it! But it’s just one of those things. Do you have one of those things? I just really wanted it. I kept my application pretty straightforward this spring and upped my game when it came to product photography. Lo and behold, I was crazy surprised when a letter of acceptance came through!

All that to say, I’m so not joking when I tell you just how excited I am to be a vendor at this year’s show! It means more to me than just a show. It’s a validation of my work as a maker. It’s also encouraged me to keep pushing on in all of my endeavors – business & personal. Failure is no fun, but it sure does make getting a YES that much sweeter.

THANK YOU for reading all of this! Cheers!!



Edmonds SpringFest

For a first time show, things really turned out rather awesomely. Kudos to Kristen & Lindsay of Urban Craft Uprising for being fantastic organizers. They even remembered to bring the sunshine!

As a maker, one of my favorite things is watching your expressions as you sniff down the line of scents. Raised eyebrows, slowly increasing grins, surprised looks, even stank faces… I love it all & take note!

Thank you for stopping by & saying hello! It’s always, always a pleasure to see my faithful customers who take the time to visit me & restock their candles. I was also happy to make new friends at the show too.

Stay tuned for news on upcoming events and new stockists! Cheers!

Spring Fest 2018 in Edmonds


Hey everyone! I’ll be at the Edmonds Spring Fest this Saturday from 11am-6pm put on by the one & only, Urban Craft Uprising. It’s the first one they’ve put on like this in beautiful downtown Edmonds. Come & say hello!

The top 3 foods I will be eating at Spring Fest:

  1. The Tamale Guy
  2. Island Blends Acai
  3. The Cookie Counter

The top 3 items I’m already prepared to get:

  1. Drinking Straws.Glass
  2. Render Skincare
  3. Mustard and Co.

The top 3 reasons to visit me:

  1. It’s supposed to be sunny.
  2. I have new 100% essential oil candles for you to sniff: lavender & eucalyptus, coffee & vanilla and balsam & cedar.
  3. It’s just down the hill from Ono Poke, my fave.

See you there, friends!


New Stockist: Oblation Papers & Press

Amazing store alert! Have you been to Oblation Papers & Press in Portland’s Pearl District? They have the cutest finds. Beautiful handmade paper, thoughtful letterpress stationery & journals… and my personal weakness, cool pens! They have also started carrying Lulumière candles. I can’t wait to see them in the wild there!


Be the Perfumist


Help me by being a perfumist! In an ongoing quest to only keep the best of the best candle scents in my current offerings, I will edit formulas now and then. This one is on the block: Lavender & Litsea. While I like it, I don’t loooove it anymore. And based on sales, while there are some of you who are into it, it’s just not getting the love that I’d hoped for.

The base will remain: Lavender essential oil. Classic, slightly camphorous, floral woody, a little bit sweet, smells just like the real thing.

Here are my ideas for pairings. (These would be straight essential oils, so what is listed here smells just like if you rubbed the leaves between your fingers and sniffed!)

Lavender & Thyme. The thyme takes a back seat next to the lavender but the finish is that unmistakable garden herb.

Lavender & Lemon. It will be similar to this Lavender & Litsea but it might be slightly sharper, more of the citrus is pronounced. Lemony for sure.

Lavender & Cedar. This would be more of a woody lumber-like base with the floral lavender finish. NW sensibilities to the tilt.

Lavender & Eucalyptus. We’d be embracing the camphor and going for a super fresh, clean combination.

Lavender & Vanilla. The idea would be to round out the herbaceousness of the lavender with soothing vanilla.

Please vote over on Facebook or here below with your thoughts! Your input is valuable to me! While I normally just run with my personal instincts, I know it’s important to be a good listener too. Here’s your chance to weigh in. Will keep you updated when I make my final reveal! Thank you!!!

New Stockist: Mapel Boutique

Image result for mapel boutique oregon

I’m so thrilled that my candles will now be sold in Oregon. Welcome, Mapel Boutique! With shops in Bridgeport Village in Tigard & at another boutique in West Linn, it is worth stopping by. Their merchandise is updated frequently, so if you are looking for something fresh for your wardrobe or for a cute gift, you should definitely come on in. They are known for being warm & welcoming. I can’t wait to visit them myself!

National Fragrance Day

Did you know that National Fragrance Day was this week?

Looking back, I think I’ve always recognized fragrance as part of the story. Even as a young girl, I could identify the scent of each grocery store, every friend’s home & even certain people.

At my wedding, well over a decade ago, I had a signature fragrance that I wanted diffused into the air. My intention was to include scent in making this new memory, along with the beautiful sight of flowers, the sounds of promises being made, the warmth of friends & family being together in one place. It was an intentional way for me to tie it all together.

I love the idea of a signature fragrance. Chanel No. 5, no matter who is wearing it, will remind me of my favorite aunt. Certain men’s colognes remind me of boys long gone from my life. And I can’t identify what it is but I would recognize it immediately if I smelled my mother’s nightly face cream. Do certain perfumes bring someone to mind right away for you? What is your fragrance? Do you have a signature scent that you never tire of?